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News, 7/14/2016

Save the Date: “Meet the Buyer” Event in Helsinki

Turkey is one of the major suppliers for the international textile and fashion brands. Its dynamic and flexible production capacity, combined with cost-efficient logistics, also make it an interesting near-sourcing solution for Finnish textiles and apparel companies.

In 2014, Turkey was the world’s 7th biggest apparel exporter with an export value of USD 18.7 billion and a global market share of 3.4%.

Turkey is a good sourcing location for Finnish companies that require flexible garment manufacturers who can also fulfil smaller order sizes and more varieties per style. With its advanced textile and related industries, Turkey offers both quality and capacity to meet diverse sourcing needs for apparel retailers, including Fast fashion and new creative collections by talented young Turkish designers.

Finpro is planning a “Meet the Buyer” event in Finland on 23 November 2016 in cooperation with the Finnish Textile and Fashion Association, Turkey Exporters’ Union, Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association and other parties. If you are interested in the event and would like to have more information, please contact Ms. Nilüfer Alapinar at Finpro Istanbul.

Nilufer Alapinar
Senior Advisor

Finpro, Istanbul
Tel. +90 212 2849591
Email. Nilufer.Alapinar(at)

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Updated 7/27/2016

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