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Honorary Consulates

Honorary consulates constitute a traditional element of the Finnish diplomatic representation abroad. The honorary consulates of Finland are an important part of the Finnish Foreign Service. The more than 400 honorary consulates serving Finland today make a significant contribution to the network of Finnish diplomatic and consular representation abroad.

The continuing growth of trade, tourism and cultural exchanges, and the fact that international contacts have become increasingly versatile have diversified the range of honorary consular representation and assistance functions. As a rule, honorary consuls represent Finland and attend to the interests and rights of Finland and of its citizens in their districts in accordance with the instructions that they have received and within the limits of their powers.

Honorary consulship is founded on a time-honored tradition. The status and rights of honorary consuls have evolved through international customary law and are codified in the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963, which has been acceded by 166 states.

Honorary consulates’ principal responsibilities are linked with the protection of the interests of Finnish citizens by means of providing legal and administrative assistance and services and with the promotion of commercial and economic and cultural relations. As representatives of Finland, honorary consuls also play a prominent role as hosts or guests of events that attract the attention of local people and media.  The typical functions of honorary consuls of Finland consist of services performed for Finnish citizens, such as consular assistance and contacts with the Finnish community in the consular district.

Finland greatly appreciates the work of honorary consuls on behalf of our country. The mission of the honorary consul - as the name implies - is one of honor; no salaries or fees are paid.

Finland has Honorary Consulates in Adana, Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul and Izmir.

Finland's Honorary Consulates in Turkey

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Updated 5/17/2016

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